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Dana Fuller Ross

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Written as Dana Fuller Ross

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The Frontier Trilogy

BOOK I: WESTWARD!   The first Holts.   In the fertile Ohio Valley, brothers Clay and Jefferson Holt are forced into a blood feud with a clan bent on murder and revenge.  To end it they strike out for a new beginning in a territory of quick violence and breathtaking wonders unmatched anywhere on earth.  But as a shadowy killer stalks them . . . as Clay dares to love a beautiful Sioux woman . . . and as warring nations make men into pawns in a game of power, the Holts will need all their fighting prowess to stay alive . . . and to found the dynasty that will become American legend.

BOOK II: EXPEDITION! In the heart of this majestic land, Clay Holt and his Sioux wife, Shining Moon, lead a perilous expedition up the Yellowstone River.  While Clay and his band confront fierce storms and the plot of adversaries, brother Jeff heads back east on a treacherous quest; impetuous young Ned takes to the high seas; and in the East Melissa Merrivale Holt struggles against the unscrupulous businessman who means to have her.  With bravery and fighting spirit, the Holts battle on . . .

BOOK III: OUTPOST!  To the brothers Clay and Jefferson Holt, the western territory is a land of breathtaking beauty and unlimited possibility -- but also a place of lawlessness and sudden, brutal violence.  As war cries fill the air, the Holts must fight once more for their home, their nation, and the magnificent dynasty that will live forever in the pages of history.

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The Empire Trilogy

BOOK I: HONOR!    An insidious plot reaching into the highest levels of government is threatening the security of the young nation. And the brothers Clay and Jefferson Holt -- at the personal request of the president -- have vowed to infiltrate the conspiracy and find its source. This is a battle for the soul of America -- and a dynasty destined for greatness.

BOOK II: VENGEANCE!  A raw young nation needs foreign commerce to survive, so Jefferson Holt stakes the future of his company on blazing trade routes to the Pacific. He sends his cousin Ned to an isolated land of great riches, while he himself journeys to Russian Alaska. Meanwhile, Clay Holt continues his undercover efforts to unmask the powerful Washington politician who is plotting against his own country. To fulfill their destiny -- and to build their nation's future -- the Holts must battle for their lives . . . and their freedom.

BOOK III: JUSTICE! Concludes the Empire Trilogy. Clay Holt unmasks the Washington politician who plotted against his country. Jefferson Holt fights to get back to his wife, and she expands her trading business. The Holts constantly have to battle between taking care of their families and their country. Ned and India have problems of their own. The sea is in their blood, but their adventures could be deadly . . .

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